Vegan/GF Deluxe

Vegan/GF Deluxe


We’re doubling down on the deliciousness with our deluxe gift set as we hit the savory, the sweet, the crunchy, and the chewy in order to elevate the experience for our vegan snackers out there. This set includes:

  • Zesty Thai Mushroom Jerky by Pan’s
  • Vegan White Cheddar Chickpea Snacks by Hippeas Peach Rings by Smart Sweets
  • Smoked BBQ Corn Nuts by Love, Corn
  • Jalapeno Roasted Peanuts by CB’s Nuts
  • Sea Salt Roasted Peanuts by CB’s Nuts
  • Root Beer Barrel Bar by Theo Chocolates
  • PB & J Cups by Theo Chocolates Almond Coconut Bar by Umchu

Plus, did you know Theo Chocolates is the ​first​ fair trade AND organic certified chocolate factory in North America? Talk about food you can feel great about!

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