• What if I want to order two (or three) of the same pre-curated tier sizes?
    Never fear! Your gift will always be a stack of ascending box sizes. We will modify your gift so that it makes sense and presents beautifully!
  • I have a large order to place – help!
    We’re here to help! As long as you can provide the shipping information, we can handle the rest. Please fill out our custom form and a gift specialist will contact you ASAP and take it from there!
  • Can you provide company branded items or wrapping?
    Yes! We can provide brand colored gift wrap and logo gift tags for no extra charge. We also have many items that can be branded with your logo or personalized text. Please fill out our custom form with what you’re hoping for and a gifting specialist will contact you ASAP.
  • Can I pick the wrapping paper for each box?
    All gifts come wrapped in beautifully mixed and matched paper, with your choice of theme. However, if you have a particular design in mind, please let us know! We will do everything we can to make your gift exactly right.
  • How do you select vendors?
    We strive to carry 95% local products from the PNW. However, sometimes an item is so unique that we will venture out. If you know of a product you’d like to see in our shop, feel free to contact us! We’re always on the lookout for new items that meet our standards of quality, aesthetic and giftability!
  • Are prices shown anywhere in the shipment?
    Prices of individual items, as well as your gift purchase price will not be shown anywhere in the shipment. We even go the extra mile to sticker over printed prices on retail packaging!
  • Can I pick up my gifts?
    If you’re in the Lynnwood, WA area we would love to meet you! Please contact us to set up a place and time to pick up your gifts.
  • Can you hand deliver the gifts?
    We do offer hand delivery in and around the Seattle area. Delivery charges are on a convenience based scale. For example, if your delivery is on our way to or from work, it could be free! But if it’s during rush hour, downtown, in the pouring rain…you get the idea. Please contact us for a quote.
  • What is your return policy?
    All gifts are final sale and not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. If your gift arrived with one or more damaged or defective items, (oops!) please contact us and we will send a replacement.
  • Who sent this gift?
    All gifts have the option to include a note from the sender, but if you’re unclear as to who sent it, please contact us and we will solve the mystery!
  • I want to include an item that you don’t carry.
    Understandable! While we try to carry a unique and thorough inventory, we know that sometimes a gift needs that extra something to make it perfect! We will make every effort to find your items and include them in your gift. Please fill out our custom form and let us know how we can help!